Horse Arenas

Custom made horse arenas based around Auckland & Waikato

  • We offer the full service from the design of your arena through to build. We can create a horse arena suitable for which ever discipline you choose to ride in whether for jumping, dressage or just an area to ride. You will enjoy getting out of the mud in winter and increase performance by avoiding hard ground in the summer.
  • Each arena will be unique to suit the requirements of your property. Herringbone drainage can be installed where sites are particularly wet or we can increase the fall to assist with water shedding. We build big ones and little ones too!
  • The surface that you choose is important and will depend on a number of factors including access to irrigation. Our highest performing surface if you cannot irrigate is a Siteland Sand and Treadlite Rubber combination.
  • Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Dairy Flat Arena

The McLeod family have been on this property for a number of years and love the location and view. Unfortunately, it wasn’t overly designed for riding being on the steeper side contour wise. After looking around for other properties they decided to investigate adding an arena.

As you can see, the result is quite transformative, Susie & her daughter, keen show jumpers are loving being able to ride on the 60m x 30m arena. Susie also uses the arena to train and ride the beautiful ponies from her Lochnagar Highland Pony Stud. The boys of the family have been spotted doing Easter egg races down the bank and the crazy cats & dog think it is a pretty good place to hang too!

Site Land Development have really enjoyed working with these clients and know that they will enjoy their fully functioning equestrian property for many more years to come.

Client Testimonial

"We were looking for an experienced arena builder who knew what they were doing and could manage the whole process. We wanted someone who had vision and could create an arena that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing on a tricky site. Site Land Development were experts from start to finish, delivering the project both on time and within budget." S.McLeod

South Auckland New Zealand Riding for the Disabled

  • Demolished an old bark arena that was no longer fit for purpose & had never had a base
  • Arena rebuilt 40m x 34m
  • Sand and Treadlite surface for ponies with no shoes, also made less deep than a normal arena to make it easier for the side walkers who volunteer to help these special kids
  • Photos of Arena Opening April 2023

Home Arena

  • Completed in 2003
  • Weird size 56m x 38m as that fitted
  • Topped up with Treadlite in 2021 and as good as the day it was made

Whatawhata Arena

  • Demolish old arena, reposition and make larger
  • 60m x 50m
  • Arena Surface Sand Shell mix and Treadlite Rubber
  • Completed 2021

Woodhill Arena

  • 60m x 20m Dressage Arena
  • Surface Sand Shell and Treadlite Rubber
  • Originally a 'wet' paddock sorted drainage and turned into a fabulous arena
  • Completed end 2021

Large Sand Horse Yards

  • These horse yards were created for a property with limited and in winter very wet paddocks
  • Are constructed similar to an arena
  • Horses are very happy to spend time in them as they are large enough to move around in 14m x 9m each

Pintala Pinto Horse Stud

We do more than arenas, we have done all the earthworks on this fabulous equestrian property, including driveways, house & shed sites and all the stuff you can't see like drainage under yards and paddocks to keep them functional in winter

  • No horse will escape from this lunging arena:)
  • Fabulous 60m x 40m arena completed July 2019

Papatoetoe Pony Club

  • Dressage Arena 60m x 20m
  • Surface is a combination of Sand Shell & Treadlite Rubber
  • Arena Completed May 2022

Semi Covered Horse Yards

  • Each yard 16m x 8m with a half roof, built 2022
  • Constructed like an arena so they drain
  • Sand Shell surface super easy to muck out
  • Horses love them


  • A variety of equestrian arena surfaces are available and we are happy to quote on these.
  • We have carried out extensive work at this excellent equestrian facility including the construction of two new arenas, the dressage arena and a new warm up arena around the tree
  • We also offer a service to revamp existing equestrian Arenas, both the main arena and warm up arena have had major reconstruction work to keep them in tip top condition
  • New Hard Stand Parking area for trucks and floats
  • Extensive drainage work around the property

Trig Rd Arena

        • 40m x 20m
        • Surface Siteland Sand/Shell mix & Treadlite Rubber
        • Completed Nov 2021

Karaka Arena

  • Dressage Arena 60m x 20m
  • Sand Shell & Treadlite Surface
  • Completed Feb 2022

Owners feedback one year on Feb 2023 after the Cyclones

"A short note to you and Chris to compliment you on the fabulous job you did with our arena at Charles Road ... the arena coped with the horrendous rains absolutely with no failures, so now post the storms I can say a double thank you for a seriously good arena, really appreciated." David Archer

Pukekohe Arena

  • Completed January 2020, 60m x 40m, on a steep site
  • Surface Sand Shell Arena Mix

"A massive thanks to Duncan McNaughton, Catherine Fawcett-McNaughton and the team from Site Land Development. If you are after an arena we highly recommend." Dale Tucker

Runciman Dressage Arena

  • Completed October 2020
  • 60m x 20m
  • Surface Siteland Sand & Treadlite rubber

Waiuku Arena

  • Completed prior to first lockdown 2020
  • Sand Shell Surface
  • 55m x 35mm

Clevedon Arena

  • Completed 2021
  • 55m x 22m size width was limited by steep site
  • Sand Shell Surface

Karaka Arena

  • 60m x 40m
  • Arena surface sand and rubber chip

Madden's Arena

  • Completed January 2020, Waiau Pa
  • Straight Sand Surface
  • 60m x 40m

Waiaua Pa Arena

  • Top NZ Show Jumper Paula Mussen and her arena constructed and completed during a very wet winter of 2018
  • 50m x 30m
  • Sand Shell surface

Whitford Arena

  • Whitford arena completed in Nov 2018.

Zenola Farms Arena

  • 2021 Re-level and spruce up, a facial for the arena
  • Zenola Farms 80m x 40m arena in Ramarama completed in 2015
  • Sand Shell surface

Cale Arena

  • The Cale family are enjoying their 50m x 30m arena in Glenbrook.

"We are loving being able to get the horses fit, without having to ride in the hard paddocks" says Lisa.

  • Arena Completed Jan 2019 Sand Shell surface

Crosby Arena

  • 40m x 20m arena finished December 2020
  • Arena Surface Sand shell & Treadlite rubber surface.

Te Hihi Arena

  • 60m x 37m
  • Arena Surface Sand Shell & Treadlite rubber surface
  • Completed 2021